More than teaching

At Speech Etiquette, we don't just teach, we MENTOR!


This is guaranteed an everlasting self-investment that will continue to enrich you!
An infinite Return On Investment (ROI)


We are here to help you to build a solid foundation!

When English is not your mother tongue, it is likely that you have not been taught the correct pronunciation in non-native English speaking countries. Pronunciation requires specific training to re-wire the brain & re-train the muscles we use to speak to create the correct sound when learning a new language. Learn to read, write, speak and communicate at the same time.


Speech clarity | Confidence | Speak fluently

Learning to speak a new language requires adequate training, most of you are taught to read and write in English by non-native English speaking teachers. Even if you were taught by native English teachers, most of the time they aren’t trained to provide speech training. These teachers have successfully helped you to pass your English exams but not improved your proficiency in speaking English. This is where we come in!


Your tone of voice matters! Be a leader, not a tyrant!

Ready to improve your leadership with clear diction? Your tone of voice matters! Your words matter, choose them carefully. It’s not about delivering authority, it’s about delivering leadership. How you convey your message will determine how it’s received. Be the leader your team will look up to, be the leader they RESPECT!

The Go-Getters

Career Focused, Ambitious & Aspiring!

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. The basic requirement is clear diction. Are you able to deliver your message clearly and get the job done to a high standard? Are you offering your customers the best experience so they look forward to coming back? It’s never too late to start but the key is how we move forward. Get ready to offer the best customer experience, land new clients, dazzle them at your interviews and get that promotion! Hard work always pays off!

Sing & Learn

A fun way to learn a new language & learn to sing!

Singing is a fun way to learn a new language, it is enjoyable, therapeutic and less intense at the same time. It’s also a great group exercise for team building and bonding. There will be plenty of laughter!

Vocal Training​​

Public speakers, Performers, Journalists…!

It is all about clear diction; knowing how and where to place the sound is key to delivering the feeling you are trying to convey. The correct delivery helps you to cast a spell on your audience and create an emotional connection that makes a lasting impression.


Can be tailor-made to meet specific needs!

We can carve out a strategy to meet your specific needs. Prioritise what is important to you and customise the classes to your specification. 

Popular with business clients & private clients forming their own family and friends group. **Office training (UK only). 

Cancellation Policy

Once tuition has commenced, there are no refunds for the cancellation of sessions by the client prior to completion of the course. (Terms & Conditions apply)

The Art of Communication
"What to say, what not to say & how you say it matter!
We look forward to building a strategy for you & your team.

- Speech Etiquette

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