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Speaking more doesn't mean speaking well! Sorry to burst your bubble!

There’s learning English and there’s learning how to SPEAK English! Learning English is not the same as learning to speak English. Usually the native English teachers do not have the necessary skillset to help you to change your accent, they aren’t the best accent experts. This is a very specialised area! The truth is not everyone in England speaks RP, it is highly likely that these English teachers speak with local regional accents too. Can you differentiate these regional accents?

Mumbling is not attractive. Can you express yourself clearly? Do you want to be understood? Never underestimate the power of speaking well, it will get you far in life. 

Learn to read, write, speak & communicate in British English with Speech Etiquette. We have different teams covering different areas of expertise. We are different, we are not the traditional English language school: we are one of a kind! Our classes and contents are carefully crafted to target different language-learning needs. Mindset and communication skills are the keys to success. Your mindset will dictate what you say and the tone of your voice is everything. That is why we focus on these two elements for all of our clients. We don’t just teach, we mentor! Putting the magic in learning and speaking. 

Team Speecheti is changing the world one sound at a time! Be part of the change, be more confident and articulate your future with the best team in town.

About Speech Etiquette

At Speech Etiquette, we will help you to articulate your future, we understand the importance of personal growth and development to take you to the next level. Not only will we help you improve your articulation and learn to have clear diction, we are here to create confidence.


At Speecheti we prioritise speaking well as part of our English classes, we believe that being able to communicate well verbally is a key part of learning a new language. It doesn’t matter what your background is, with the right mentors your hard work and effort will pay off. It is never too late to learn.




Language barriers

Different languages, Accent, Literacy, Pidgin & Dialect, Jargon & Slang, Grammar & Spelling, Limited Vocabulary & Word Choice, Misconception, Speech Comprehension


Accent discrimination

Have you been laughed at, looked down on or bullied for having an accent when speaking English? Are you feeling excluded?

The term accentism describes prejudice against and unfair judgement of an individual due to the way they speak, sound and communicate. As a result, those individuals might feel belittled, excluded, sad or confused.

While we cannot control people’s behaviour, at Speech Etiquette, we can provide you the tools to speak English with a British accent with confidence. 


Clear diction - RP
Communication skills

Good communication needs the right words. Well spoken words touch the heart and mind: from that will flow confidence and success.

Be the whole package, trust who you are becoming. It’s more than fancy cars and flashy clothes. Let your voice be your lifestyle and the words you speak create the reality you deserve. 

Articulate with class, Breathe confidence, Speak with elegance!

Every detail matters, you matter!

Articulate your future


It's more than learning English: it's brain training!

When English is not your first language, pronunciation alone won’t change or improve your accent. From our founder’s experience, even elocution is not enough!

“To learn a new language and speak like a native, it requires specific training to re-wire the brain and re-train the muscles we use to speak to create the correct sound. This training is very specific in order for the Learner to articulate accurately.” – Amanda Ng

Learning to speak a new language takes training, just like an athlete being trained for a specific sport, they will repeat the same training exercise daily in order to master their skill.

It’s more than learning English: it’s brain training! It’s mentorship, it’s leadership and communication skills. Learn English as a foreign language and speak like a native with Speech Etiquette.



Self-awareness is the core component for growth. Self-expression is a key skill we should all master. Having identified our weak spots and underlying fear, we can carefully target and work on our personal development.

Old keys can’t unlock new doors! Change your mindset, it will change your life. 

At Speech Etiquette, we share the same mentality as strivers, we choose to Face Everything And Rise. This is the winning mentality that we need, to combat all uncertainties that life throws at us. 

Speak up, don’t be afraid to have your say! Life is too short, your voice matters!

Your words matter, your grammar matters, your tone matters. It's your voice. It matters!

- Amanda Ng

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Speech Etiquette's Objectives

1: English Grammar Structure of words | Phrases | Clauses | Sentences and whole texts 

2: English Pronunciation Articulation | Clear Diction | Pronunciation 

3: Everyday English Conversation | Communication | Dialogue

4: Business English Improve your business English vocabulary & knowledge

5: Speech & Presentation Speech clarity | Confidence | Speak fluently

6: Singing in English Fun vocal exercises for better pronunciation | Breath control

7: Creative writing & Writing business emails What to write, What not to write! | Get your message across!

8: Accent British accent | Received pronunciation (RP)

9: Etiquette The right tone of voice | Body language | Choice of words | The Delivery & Speed

10: Communication skills Intercultural communication | What to say, what not to say and how you say it!

BONUS – Mentorship | Coaching



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The Learning Timeline

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