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“I am a firm believer in the importance of language in all areas of life, but especially in the commercial world. Good communication needs the right words.” 

He looks forward to helping you to achieve a strong, natural command of the English language in a business context.

Amanda Ng


BMus (Hons) Creative Music Technology

 University of Huddersfield 2003-2006

Bromsgrove School


Changing accents, creating confidence!

Passionate about the English language, Speech Etiquette’s founder took an interest in the British English language as her second language at a very young age. She is lucky enough to have had the best teachers and mentors throughout her life to improve her English and speak like a native. She also has a passion for art and music, even after completing her university degree in music at The University of Huddersfield she was determined to improve her articulation and singing technique by training with one of the best vocal coaches in the UK while working with a music producer. She is a trained performer, singer and songwriter. Her experience in learning English as a foreign language has taught her the reason why non-native English speakers cannot articulate well. Through her self-discovery journey, she understands the hurdles that non-native speakers will come across, so she founded Speech Etiquette.

She has carved out a unique method to help all non-native English speakers to further develop the way they learn English as a foreign language to make learning English easy, fun and rewarding. Her personal experience has helped her to develop different methods to improve foreigners’ learning experience, in order to cover different spectrums of the English language and achieve the optimum result.

Phil Turner


LLB (Hons) Law

 University of Nottingham 1979-1982


Over 35 years experience in business law & litigation!

Phil is a solicitor and has practised in commercial law since 1985. His specialist areas of practice include commercial litigation and intellectual property, particularly copyright and trademarks.

In the course of his career he has been responsible for mentoring and training pre-qualification trainee solicitors and post-qualification newly qualified solicitors.

In his personal life he is an enthusiastic amateur musician and has played in many orchestras, shows and wedding quartets.

Law and music both require a dedication to training, practice and precision in the use of language (English and musical!). The more you work on your skills, the better you can communicate with the audience.

He is a firm believer in the importance of language in all areas of life, but especially in the commercial world.  Good communication needs the right words. He looks forward to helping you to achieve a strong, natural command of the English language in a business context.

Adrian Jarvis


BA (Hons) English Language and Literature

 University of Oxford 1986-1989

PGCE – English and Drama

Manchester Metropolitan 1991-1992

Master of Education – MEd, Leadership and Management

The Open University 2002-2004

PhD – Educational Leadership 

University of Birmingham 2006-2011


Over 30 years teaching experience in public, grammar schools and universities in England, Malaysia & Dubai !

His credentials speak for themselves!

Head of English Department 

Bromsgrove School Sep 1993-Dec 2005 (12yrs 4 months)

The list is LONG!

Kiran Sagoo


BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics

 University of Kent 2004-2007


Over 13 years experience in underwriting insurance for various industries.

Kiran has always had an interest in languages. He believes that when learning a new language, you should aim to speak like a native.

Practice makes perfect, from a young age he has invested a lot of his time in English articulation so he can speak with confidence. Speaking well has given him a lot of opportunities both in life and in business. He is an experienced insurance underwriter in the Oil and Gas; Mining and Construction; Space and Satellite; Power Generation including Renewable Energy and Nuclear Power and related industries. 

Words matter, he looks forward to helping you with your articulation in everyday English and business English.

Melanie Buckley


BA (Hons) Economics & Journalism

 University of Liverpool 1996-1999


Over 20 years experience in PR, digital marketing, social media & copywriting!

Melanie spent over 20 years singing in the choir and was signed to Rough Trade Records as a singer and bass player. As a trained vocalist, she brings a wealth of experience in how to articulate well in order to deliver her songs through storytelling in her records and live performances. 

Besides music, Melanie is also an experienced marketing expert, she has produced biographies, press releases and merchandising for clients such as Bryan Adams, Michael Buble, Billy Ocean, Harlem Globehatters, Cesar Milan and Live Nation to providing PR and/or digital marketing solutions for both B2C and B2B clients. Clients include Rick Wakeman, Martine McCutcheon, PRFKT Rights AB, Jillie Bushell Associates.

She looks forward to helping you to achieve a strong, creative command of the English language in a marketing context.

Darren Stone


BSc (Hons) Psychology

 University of Sheffield 1991-1994


Over 20 years experience in business development in the city of London.

Darren is a native English speaker who fully appreciates the intricacies of articulation having received speech therapy when he was young to correct a lisp. He graduated from university with a degree in Psychology but then initially pursued a career giving face to face financial advice before moving on to business development. He fully understands therefore the importance of building strong personal relationships, a key part of which is developing excellent rapport, this is something that is greatly helped by clarity of speech.

He looks forward to being your Speechetti mentor and helping you improve your pronunciation and articulation so you can always deliver your message with passion and meaning.

Fernando Nogueira


BA (Hons) Economics and Business

 University of Oporto 1972-1976


Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Over 4 years experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Fernando is originally from Portugal but can be considered a native English speaker as he lived and worked in England as a business owner / CEO for more than 30 years. Now he is a certified  TEFL English teacher.

Fernando’s vast business experience has allowed him to help hundreds of students from all over the world, not just to learn and perfect their English but also to achieve their best in their professions and promotions in a variety of industries. His students’ rapid improvements gives him an amazing amount of satisfaction, especially when they get a better job because of their improved English. 

Whether your goal is to successfully pass the  TOEFL or TOEIC test, study English for a trip or speak business English confidently, we have developed unique courses that will give our students specific language skills to acquire exactly the knowledge they need.

Janet William


A Level & O level English Literature & Language, French, German

 Wombwell Hall School 1973-1978


Over 10 years experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Janet qualified as a TEFL teacher whilst living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (2013-2016). She was employed as a tutor at an English language school where her classes comprised adult students from Malaysia, Korea and Japan. More recently, whilst living in Shekou, China, (2018-2020), she privately taught business English to adult Chinese students.

Prior to TEFL teaching, Janet worked in PR and Marketing for many years in London and Kent (South East England) in consultancies, in-house and freelance. She has a wealth of industry experience spanning  automotive, electronics, hotels, travel, fashion, charities, education and a trade body representing the advertising industry. She has written press releases and business articles for national and local press and specialist industry magazines and in-house communications. 

Janet has always had a great affinity with the English language and enjoys reading widely and is fascinated by etymology.  She is currently editing a book on culture written by a Turkish friend. She looks forward to building your confidence in pronunciation and extending your vocabulary enabling you to converse like a native! 

Morgan Nogueira


BA (Hons) English Literature & Philosophy

 University of the West of England 2011-2015

BIPAS Indonesian Language & Culture

 Udayana University, Bali 2015-2016

MA The Philosophy of Biological and Cognitive Sciences

 University of Bristol 2018-2019


Over 6 years experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Morgan started his English teaching career in Bali while studying Indonesian Language & Culture, he homeschooled a group of 4 Spanish boys aged 6-12, covering phonics, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, creative and descriptive writing, poetry, and literary analysis.

Since moving home from Bali, Morgan has been teaching EFL online. Through his experience teaching, he has found that the true mark of a fluent speaker is the ability to discuss complex and sometimes abstract concepts comfortably. 

Morgan’s research interest has always been the nature of consciousness – his latest thesis traced the biological and cognitive conditions necessary for the evolution of consciousness from a single celled organism to us Homo sapiens. 

More superstar tutors, consultants and mentors in our little black book!!

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