There are many elements that you need to consider and ask yourself what are you looking to improve: 

  • Vocabulary?
  • Grammar?
  • Pronunciation?
  • Accent?
  • Fluency?
  • Intonation?



The best platform for learning how to say or pronounce specific words quickly is the Cambridge dictionary online. Just simply follow the instruction below:

  1. Type in the word you want to learn how to pronounce in the search bar inside Cambridge dictionary
  2. Once the page of that specific word has loaded, you will see a speakerphone symbol right under the word and by clicking on the symbol, it will transmit an audio sound of that specific word.


Please understand that this is to help you to learn how to say any word, it does not guarantee that you can pronounce any specific word correctly by mimicking the sound.

English pronunciation is complex and requires specific vocal training in order to acquire the skillset needed to help you to speak like a native. Speecheti can help! 

Yes, mispronounced words will convey different meanings and lead to misunderstandings. This is where communication breaks down. At times it can be comical and sometimes it might get you into trouble. For example, Shoplifters will be “prosecuted”, not “prostituted”.


First of all, you need to understand the natural flow of spoken English. You can watch British movies and TV dramas to start getting familiar with it. In our opinion, this is actually the fun part of learning to speak English! We would recommend Downton Abbey, The Crown, Paddington and more. Pay attention and mimic their rhythm and stress. Remember to learn to pause, you are not running a marathon.

CLICK HERE for more recommendation 

Learning English is not the same as learning to speak English. Native English teachers may not have the necessary skillset to teach you articulation & change your accent, they aren’t necessarily the best accent experts.

Yes, tongue twisters and pronunciation exercises are valuable tools when learning to speak English.

Some of our favourite Tongue Twisters:


 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

She sells seashells by the seashore

  Which witch is which?

  Eleven benevolent elephants

   Rolling red wagons

 A proper cup of coffee from a proper copper coffee pot



By speaking more, you will learn new vocabulary, slang & how to say different words. But learning to speak with a British accent properly requires adequate training. There are specific techniques behind it.

Many non-native English speakers can read and write English to a very good level, but quite often they struggle with spoken English. Speaking well gives you confidence & allows you to convey your messages clearly & be understood properly. 

People underestimate the real work that goes into learning English pronunciation and articulation. To do it properly, it takes time, appropriate training, discipline and hard work. There’s no shortcut to speaking well. We want results for our clients, not advertising income.

Learning with Speecheti FAQ

Yes, this is what we specialise in. While improving your English, we help make speaking well your style. Practice makes perfect! You just need to be disciplined, and follow our training & instruction.

Any level. You will learn to read and write English, as well as learn to speak like a native.

Of course you can! While learning the English language, we will focus on the development of speaking RP English.

Our classes are mainly online. However, training can take place at our UK corporate clients’ offices, and some exception can also be made for larger groups.

Your wish is our command. Whatever you need, we aim to improve the quality of critical communication between clients and staff.

Of course! We are here to make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible. In fact, this is the most popular request.

It varies from person to person. It depends on your expectation, English level and time invested in practising after class, but give or take about 3 or 4 courses, 2 hrs a week. You can do the maths! 

1 course is 30hrs across 15 weeks.


Practice makes perfect

The Learning Timeline

Hard work

We believe

Speaking well is attractive!

Speaking well is attractive, it gives you confidence, improves self-esteem and opens new doors. Speech Etiquette focuses on every detail, every sound and every word. Nothing comes easy, it will take hard work and long hours but we will make it a fun and enjoyable journey for you. We are working with people from different walks of life with varied experience of the real world. You will get the benefits of their knowledge and expertise. A solid foundation gives you a better chance to build and master your own command of English. We will help you to get there.

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