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Your mindset will determine your future. A positive mind can help you take on the world and face any challenges.  Awareness is growth. Knowledge is power. These two make a potent potion for self-improvement. Self-awareness gives you the ability to analyse what is working and what is no longer working for you. Apply the knowledge that you have gained over the years to make appropriate improvement. Be decisive! You need to want to be better than yesterday. Drive and passion will take you to another level and bring you closer to your dreams. Strength and determination will finish the job and achieve your personal best, This is how breakthrough can happen. 

Speech Etiquette’s clients understand the importance of speaking well, they are aware that they need to step up and make changes. Sadly but not surprisingly, our clients have shared similar experiences with us in that they have either been laughed at for the accent that they have for a long enough period of time or need to change their accent to pursue a career (senior positions). However, our entrepreneur clients just simply want to be better in every aspect of their lives. See the list below for other reasons:

  1. Self-esteem and Self-confidence (self-care)
  2. Changing accent
  3. Career progression
  4. To be included in the community and at work
  5. The desire to be understood
  6. To be respected & taken seriously
  7. To improve their social skills
  8. Mentorship while learning English
  9. Better communication skills (private & business – in particular in client facing role)
  10. Better representation of themselves and the company
  11. To be a better public speaker
  12. To diminish the fear of speaking
  13. Immigrating to an English speaking country
  14. Not having had the chance to learn to speak English properly (most common)
  15. Being passionate about the English language and want to speak like a native
  16. Having fallen in love with the RP accent via watching British films and historical dramas
  17. Having spent a lot of time learning from YouTube videos or Mobile apps but still not making good enough progress
  18. Wanting to be the whole package, “Live well, Dress well, SPEAK well!”



Our clients’ main goal is to speak like a native. Speaking well is attractive, Speech Etiquette is dedicated to helping our clients to achieve their goals which in turn will allow them to go after a life that they have envisioned with confidence and self-esteem. We focus on every detail, every sound and every word. Nothing comes easy, it will take hard work and long hours but we will make it a fun and enjoyable journey for you. We are working with people from different walks of life with varied experience of the real world. You will get the benefits of their knowledge and expertise. A solid foundation gives you a better chance to build and master your own command of English. 

Practice makes perfect! We ask our clients to dedicate a little time each day to practise what our team has set for them individually. Everyone’s journey is different but hard work and dedication will pay off. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient!

Don’t be every Tom, Dick and Harry. Be proactive and take charge! Your dream is closer than you think! Your hard work along with our mentorship will pay off.



Face Everything And Rise

Rome wasn't built in a day!
Be patient!

The Learning Timeline

Hard work

Practice makes perfect




The Practice Timeline


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Speaking is an essential part of communication. Accentism is real and it can affect us in a negative way. By raising the awareness of accentism and letting our clients and potential clients know that they are not alone, Speech Etiquette is here to help you to create a better future and find your voice. We don’t just teach, we mentor!


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