Terms & Conditions




By booking a session with the Speech Etiquette’s Tutor, Coach and Professional (TCP), the Client agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and by the terms and conditions which govern their relationship with Speech Etiquette and the TCP.

Key points

a. Clients should be aware that there can be considerable preparation involved before each session of tuition and training.

b. Student under the age of 18 can register with the service but cannot start using the service until a parent/guardian over the age of 18 has formally registered and agreed to be the formal sponsor and to hold legal relationship.

c. Speech Etiquette is not responsible for insurance arrangements in respect of the TCP and their provision of tutoring/coaching services, and the Client should note this.

d. Speech Etiquette does not accept any liability for any claims by the Client arising out of or related to the provision of tutoring/coaching services by the TCP.

e. Tuition/Coaching session automatically carries on at the agreed weekly time(s) after the final pre-paid session unless Termination Notice is received by Speech Etiquette. Further tuition will be paid for by the client at the agreed rate.

f. If the Student is late for a session, the TCP may choose to but is not obligated to work beyond the scheduled end time, and the session will be charged at the usual price, whether or not the TCP works beyond the scheduled end time. If a TCP is late for a session, then it is the obligation of the TCP to arrange to make up the lost time.

g. If a TCP must stop tuition mid-course due to unforeseeable circumstances, Speech Etiquette will endeavour to find a replacement. Provided the replacement candidates meets Speech Etiquette’s criteria for suitability for the job in terms of subject and level knowledge and is available at the same time or another time convenient for the client, then Speech Etiquette has fulfilled its obligations and no refunds can be granted if the client wishes to terminate prior to the end of the course.

h. The Client is not permitted to enter into any private arrangements with any TCP introduced by Speech Etiquette. The Client undertakes to make all bookings with TCPs introduced by Speech Etiquette exclusively through Speech Etiquette. This obligation continues beyond the end of this agreement and the conclusion of the course of tuition.

i. A breach of these terms will render the Client liable to account to Speech Etiquette for all sums received by the TCP direct from the Client or from a new Client without deduction and Speech Etiquette shall be entitled to seek injunctions against the Client to prevent further breaches. These obligations continue beyond the termination or conclusion of this agreement.

j. Should you wish to recommend one of Speech Etiquette’s TCPs to any other potential or actual client, that client must contact Speech Etiquette to make a booking through the agency.

k. Clients providing personal data to Speech Etiquette are consenting to the use of that data by Speech Etiquette for the purpose of effective introduction to TCP, for billing and fee collecting purposes and to enable Speech Etiquette to contact the client and/or student from time to time. Where required for legitimate purposes in connection with Speech Etiquette’s business and subject to suitable safeguards that data may be transferred to others.


l. Payment must be made prior to the commencement of class. The Client will pay on a monthly or quarterly basis in advance and will be invoiced during the last week of the month in respect of tuition that will be delivered in the course of the following month.

m. Our standard service includes invoice and statements via e-mail. If the client chooses to receive paper invoices and statements then will incur an administration charge.

n. The prepayment plan is designed to protect our TCP for all online sessions. If the Client wishes to terminate tuition at the end of the course of prepaid sessions and not renew, the Client must give at least two week’s notice in writing (Termination Notice) to Speech Etiquette.

Cancellation policy

o. Once tuition has commenced, there are no refunds for the cancellation of sessions by the client prior to completion of the course. 

p. Pre-agreed holidays and sessions can be rescheduled for an alternative date with reasonable notice and at SE’s discretion in advance.

q. Lessons can only be rearranged with SE’s consent in advance.

r. Lessons not attended will still be charged in full.