Your Voice, AI & Technology

Your voice, Ai and Technology

In the Age of AI, we are becoming even more reliant on technology. We have normalised hiding behind our computer and mobile phone. We are too dependent on predictive text and auto-correct. Technology is convenient and we have become too comfortable that has made us lazy. Communication via emails or texts is not the same as conversational exchanges in person. The struggle is real. Even our most confident clients felt like they have lost their charm when not speaking in their native language. The answer is simple. They lack confidence when speaking in English. They know they have never been taught to articulate properly and they have been relying on technology. When they are put to the test the house of cards comes falling down.

The worst experience our clients have come across apart from being judged and laughed at continuously, it’s being told by their clients that they don’t want to speak to them but someone else in the company that they can actually understand. On top of that, competing for that promotion at work, climbing up the corporate ladder for that leadership role can be very stressful. This creates a blockage in their mind subconsciously and consciously. As a result, they get nervous every time when they speak, this has become their auto-pilot. The fear of speaking  triggers them to become more self-aware beyond how we dress, how we smell and how we look to others.

It is very common that non-native English speakers are never taught how to speak English properly. They are mostly mimicking the sound of their teachers and for some, they pick up the American accent in movies, just like how native-English kids mimic their parents’ words and mannerism. When English is not your first language, pronunciation alone won’t change or improve your accent. Even elocution is not enough, as vocal cords, mouth, tongue and face muscles work completely differently from nationality to nationality.

Without a doubt technology has made life easier when communicating in a different language other than our mother tongue, but we cannot overlook the fact that it has also taken away our desire to truly learn a new language. It is human nature to settle for what is easy and find the simplest way to achieve a task. This alone cannot build depth, character and confidence, as deep down you know it’s the technology doing the work for you. You have not added value to yourself. When learning English as a foreign language, we need to normalise speaking with clear diction in the correct mannerism and making it a common practise. Bringing back spelling and stop relying on auto-correct. Being able to visualise the words helps you to learn to speak.


It is time that we set boundaries with technologies. At Speech Etiquette, we are going back to basics by educating our clients the knowledge and necessary skillset to not only read and write basic English but to be creative as well as articulate with clear diction. It is more than just learning to read and write or passing the entrance exams. We champion self-confidence and personal growth by adding value to your skill-set providing you a voice to match your words to convey your messages with clarity. What you say and how you say can make or break a deal and relationship. Your confidence is the energy that is a direct representation of who you are; your choice of words, your tone of voice and how you carry yourself matter.

It’s more than learning English: it’s brain training! It’s mentorship, it’s leadership and communication skills. We can help you and your team to overcome the challenges, tailor-make the content with you and integrate it into your training program. From team bonding to improving  your sales teams communication and business development skills, the possibilities are endless.

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Speaking is an essential part of communication. Accentism is real and it can affect us in a negative way. By raising the awareness of accentism and letting our clients and potential clients know that they are not alone, Speech Etiquette is here to help you to create a better future and find your voice. We don’t just teach, we mentor!


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