Accent and Dating

Accent and Dating

No one likes a mumbler




What are you looking for in a partner? How long is your list? Is accent an important element in finding a mate? We have been looking into accentism in everyday life. Now let’s focus on accent and dating. Not surprisingly, accent plays a major role in finding a match. Have you heard of the saying “She’s beautiful until she opens her mouth”?  This phrase refers to her accent, it means while she is attractive, her accent is not. Have you ever felt captivated by radio hosts? Their voice irresistible, hypnotic and sexy? The reality is we are not only attracted to someone’s looks or smell, their voice and their accent – how they speak – comes as a package. I for one would fall head over heels for someone who speaks well, their tone of voice, speech clarity and mannerism would just melt my heart. Just like listening to music, you wouldn’t want to listen to music that you don’t like all day everyday would you? The choice of words is also important, just like lyrics, it can cast a spell on you and captivate your heart.


Online dating websites and mobile dating apps are aware that accents play an important role in attracting a potential mate. In the last few years, dating companies have added a voice note button for their users to record a small recording as part of their profile. There’s even an online dating website called “I love your accent”! 

Not to mention accent, the tone of voice alone can either turn you on or irritate you so much that you can’t stand listening to someone. It can be a deal-breaker I’m afraid. The truth is some people can’t even stand their own voice. The high-pitched piercing voice is the most annoying by far. A monotone is boring to listen to. It has no life, it lacks energy. It’s neither negative or positive, it’s just dull. Loud-talkers can easily get on people’s nerves. They can come across as bad mannered, arrogant and attention-seeking. On top of that, loud-talkers tend to have a loud laugh too. This combo can easily push people over the edge. The volume of your voice can have a massive effect on your relationship with others. Be mindful!


Finally the bad news is that no one likes a mumbler. You might be the most kind-hearted, good-looking and smart individual, but mumbling makes you sound uneducated, stupid and lazy. You don’t want that. You don’t want to give the wrong impression and risk becoming a laughing stock. Mumbling makes communication difficult and it is very unattractive. Let alone dating a mumbler, most people don’t even like to have a conversation with one. May be our society has no patience, but do you really want to mumble your life away? Life is short, we should make the most of it. While we might not be able to change our voice, we can work on various elements of our speech that can have a positive impact on our confidence and mental well-being. It can make us more attractive too. What’s not to love!


Our voice is our greatest asset



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