Types of language barriers:

  • Foreign language
  • Accents
  • Literacy
  • Pidgin, Dialects
  • Jargon & Slang
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Limited vocabulary & Word choice
  • Misconception
  • Speech comprehension

Our Philosophy

Be your own ambassador

Everyone deserves to be listened to and taken seriously. Language barriers can cause misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Miscomprehension can lead to complete loss in communication & we don’t want that. Communication is essential and this is why not only do we teach our students the English language, but we are determined to go the extra mile to make sure our students get the appropriate training in articulation, pronunciation & elocution.

Speech Etiquette will help you:

Make your voice heard
Articulate your future



Our Services

personal growth


We are here to help you to build a solid foundation!


Speech clarity | Confidence | Speak fluently

Sing & Learn

A fun way to learn a new language & learn to sing!

Career Ambitions

The Go-Getters

Career Focused, Ambitious & Aspiring. Anything is possible!


Your tone of voice matters! Be a leader, not a tyrant!

Vocal Training

Public speakers, Performers, Artists, Journalists…etc!

bespoke services

"From corporate staff training to private friends and family groups, we aim to make SPEAKING WELL a universal style!"

We have experienced a growing demand for bespoke classes for friends and families to learn together from different parts of the world. The time difference can be a challenge but there’s nothing that we can’t conquer together. 

Working from home

Working from home has its benefits, you spend the majority of your time communicating via video and telephone calls. However, not everyone in the company is fluent in speaking English and this is when communication breaks down. This can be costly and lead to all kinds of problems. This highlights the ongoing problem of speaking with a strong accent. Effective communication requires clear diction. Clear diction is the foundation of a confidence voice.

Brexit impact on the workplace

Many companies are hiring European staff for their multilingual abilities, yet different accents can become a communication problem. We can’t hide behind a computer sending emails to clients and colleagues forever, we need personal interactions to make business happen. On top of that, cultural differences can also be an obstacle with the power to make or break a relationship. From verbal deliveries, facial expressions to body language and mannerism, Speech Etiquette has the complete solution for you.

The Art of Communication
What to say, what not to say & how you say it matter!
We look forward to building a strategy for you & your team.

- Speech Etiquette

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