Speech Etiquette has crafted a unique creative formula for you to build a solid foundation when learning English as a foreign language with us. We aim to get you to speak and sound like a native, as well as increase your communication skill so you will mumble no more! This formula has been proven to work, our founder is a walking example! While it requires hard work and dedication, we will make sure that it’s fun, enjoyable and effective.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to READ, WRITE, SPEAK and COMMUNICATE properly? Appropriate verbal communication skills can open doors. There’s no shortcut to speaking well! Start today!!

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Be the whole package, trust who you are becoming. It’s more than fancy cars and flashy clothes. Let your voice be your lifestyle and the words you speak create the reality you deserve.

Every detail matters, your matter!

Who we work with:

  • Both private and corporate clients 
  • Entrepreneurs, Go-getters, Nouveau riche, Careerists, Business owners, Leaders, Retirees, Directors, Managers, Sales teams, Introverts,  Health workers, International students, Customer Service professionals… 
  • Clients who want to improve their English and speak clearly
  • Clients who want to learn English etiquette and mannerism
  • Clients who struggle to communicate effectively in their natural accent when speaking English
  • The list is LONG……………………..!

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Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

I have a low level of English, can I learn to speak RP and improve my English at the same time?

Of course you can! While learning the English language, we will focus on the development of speaking RP English. 

question 2

What level of English do I need in order to sign up for your classes?

Any level. You will learn to read and write English, as well as learn to speak like a native. 

question 3

What is the benefit of improving my accent, I already have a degree, wouldn’t that be enough?

Many non-native English-speakers can read and write English to a very good level but cannot speak properly. Speaking well gives you confidence & allows you to convey your messages clearly & be understood properly.  

question 4

I speak with my English friends all the time, why can’t I pick up their British accent?

By speaking more, you will learn new vocabulary, slang & how to say different words. But learning to speak with a British accent properly requires adequate training. There are specific techniques behind it. 


question 5

I watch YouTube videos and I’m learning pronunciation from apps, but my accent hasn’t changed.

People underestimate the real work that goes into learning to speak English properly. It takes time, appropriate training, discipline and hard work. There’s no shortcut to speaking well. We want results for our clients, not advertising income.

question 6

I’m already learning with a native English teacher, I have improved my vocabulary, reading & writing skills but I’m struggling to speak clearly & my accent is still strong.

Learning English is not the same as learning to speak English. Native English teachers may not have the necessary skillset to teach you articulation & change your accent, they aren’t necessarily the best accent experts. 

question 7

Would your classes improve my English & accent?

Yes, this is what we specialise in. While improving your English, we help make speaking well your style. Practice makes perfect! You just need to be disciplined, and follow our training & instruction.

question 8

Are all the courses online or do you offer face-to-face training?

Our classes are mainly online. However, training can take place at our UK corporate clients’ offices, and some exception can also be made for larger groups.

question 9

How long is the course?

It varies from person to person. It depends on your expectation, English level and time invested in practising after class, but give or take about 3 or 4 courses, 2 hrs a week. You can do the maths! 

question 10

Can you tailor-make specific training for our staff? 

Your wish is our command. Whatever you need, we aim to improve the quality of critical communication between clients and staff.

question 11

Can I form my own friends & family group?

Of course! We are here to make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible. In fact, this is the most popular request.

question 12

How many hours is one course?

1 course is 30hrs across 15 weeks.


Practice makes perfect

The Learning Timeline

Hard work

We believe

Speaking well is attractive!

Speaking well is attractive, it gives you confidence, improves self-esteem and opens new doors. Speech Etiquette focuses on every detail, every sound and every word. Nothing comes easy, it will take hard work and long hours but we will make it a fun and enjoyable journey for you. We are working with people from different walks of life with varied experience of the real world. You will get the benefits of their knowledge and expertise. A solid foundation gives you a better chance to build and master your own command of English. We will help you to get there.

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